Build a Team

One of the keys to finding financial freedom for you is to realize that you do not have to do it all on your own. Successful people do not try and do it all themselves, they realize that the key is to surround themselves with a powerful team all working towards success. Find others who can help you and move forward.

The problem that people often face when getting started is trying to figure out what they need to hire for. The problem most people make is that they hire people based on what they claim their strengths are. This is good to hire for strength, but when  hiring a team you need to do some self reflection first. Before you start hiring people for their strength you first need to know your weaknesses. When you build a team you should focus on doing what you are good at doing, and hire people to take care of your weaknesses.

I know, you are going to think that as the entrepreneur there are certain things you have to be doing for your success. The problem is that if one of these perceived “essential” tasks are things you are not strong at, then you are not helping to achieve success. The true path to success is to find people who are strong at the areas you are weak at and hire them to do those things. It seems simple, but if you really do this you can be a tremendous success.

The second challenge when finding the right assistance is finding the right fit. If you are weak at something how do you know if the person you are looking at is really strong at something if you do not have good experience in that area And when you are weak at something our nature is to avoid doing it as often as possible, making you less knowledgeable. The key is to find someone else who can help you find the right person.

The final decision you have to make is do you want to hire staff who is going to work with you physically in your office. What if you do not have an office, and you are a solo-preneur. I find one of the best ways to get into the team building mentality is to start with virtual assistants. These are highly qualified people who do what you need to have done and they do it from wherever they are at over the internet. These virtual assistants are efficient, effective and cost effective.

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